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Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment was founded in 2007. It is managed by Water Conservancy Research Institute of Shandong Province, authorized by Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province.
The lab carries out basic and applied researches concerning water resources and water environment. Its researches and studies in the areas below:
    (1)Sustainable use and optimal allocation of water resources
    (2)Control techniques of saltwater intrusion and groundwater pollution
    (3)Ecological restoration technologies in rivers, lakes and reservoirs
    (4)Safety control technologies and environmental effects of large- and medium..
  • Current Meter
  • RAD-7 Electronic Radon Detector
  • Auslog-three arm caliper tool
  • Auslog-conductivity tool
  • Auslog-winches
  • Auslog-gamma tool
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
  • Fresh Concrete Test Instrument
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Hydraulic model experiment hall
  • Electronic Total Station
  • Infrared Spectrophotometer Oil Content Analyzer
  • Nuclear Densimeters
  • High-density Electrical Method Station
  • Freeze-thaw Testing Machine
  • Large-size Canal Lining Machine
  • SKS-B Dial Fluviograph
Address : 125 Lishan Road, Water Conservancy Research Institute of Shandong Province, Jinan, P.R.China
Telephone:0086-531-86974292 Zip Code:250013 Fax:0086-531-66572103